I found you catching light

Living our highest intentions can happen in great ways or in what may seem small—yet critical—ways of refusing to be conquered by the difficulties that come to us in our lives. We can choose our spirit in spite of everything. Sometimes, all we’ll be able to offer is a smile to the weary or forlorn on the streets. Sometimes it will be to plant a garden where there was none, or plant seeds of patience in a family or of reconciliation in community difficulty. No matter what situation we find ourselves in, we can always set our compass to our highest intentions in the present moment.

When you’re overwhelmed by loss, by the difficulties around you, when you feel you are lost in the darkness, sometimes all you can do is to breathe consciously and gently with your pain and anguish and know that with this simple gesture you are resetting the compass of your heart. By taking that one simple, mindful breath, you will return again to compassion and remember that you are more than your fears and confusions. 

~Jack Kornfield

extend the heart to the outer rim of experience….

inquiry for today~ when you question the morality, you may need another way…..

I can’t pretend otherwise

How do I steady and care for my heart with so much going on, especially in these uncertain times?  By accepting life’s endless invitation to simply BE with it all, present as the sun rises and sets. I can remember to look up at the end of the day when, from beach to buildings, this whole town is bathed in rose gold light. My heart can breathe deep, my shoulders relax in the soft blue tenderness of dusk before the sun sinks below the horizon. Can I remember to love it all?

~Trudy Goodman

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