curious despair

When I despair, I lose steam, I sink.

When I panic I become reactive

and head in the wrong direction.

When I come from hope, I gain courage,

I find allies, I tune out he naysayers,

and I fix my eyes on my dreams,

but also on the practical structures

that will activate those dreams.

I think of hope as the baby of those

two forces- dreams and practicality.

I have a name for that baby.

I call her “smart hope.”

the wise ones teach us to look again….

inquiry for today~ what have you missed along the way?

from the simple to the sublime

The goal of the hero trip​down to the jewel point

​is to find those levels in the psyche

​that open, open, open,​

and finally open to the mystery

​of your Self


Buddha consciousness ​

or the Christ.​​

That’s the journey.

​​It is all about finding ​that still point

in your mind​

where commitment drops away.​

~Joseph Campbell

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