the gray shades

Opportunities for spiritual surrender often occur to remind us that coming into our sheer Being is all that is actually required for spiritual growth, and when we forget this, our circumstances shift to help us remember.

~Shamini Jain

when the dream shifts to dawn….

inquiry for today~ maybe it’s all good today…..

nothin’ is really real

Oh I would live a sweet forever

Inside the moments after waking,

Where fragments left by dreams

Take just a little too long breaking.

For I’ve heard that there are realms

Trapped in those seconds in between

Where life is a collision

Of reality and dream.

What a wonder to have nothing

More or less than you believe,

To live within a world

Of what your sleep-filled mind conceives.

But it breaks a heart to know

It lasts no longer than a yawn,

For with one rub of tired eyes

Into reality I’m drawn.


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