lingering in prayer

The winter solstice asks us to let go

of our old sources of light and

descend into the darkness

so the new light can rise.

It is a reminder that hope never dies.

~Anamchara Books

this meaningful moment opens me to the dark….

inquiry for today~ may you too, open to your own shadows…

create a cloak of healing

This year I do not want the dark to leave me.

I need its wrap of silent stillness, its cloak of long lasting embrace.

Too much light has pulled me away from the chamber of gestation.

Let the dawns come late, let the sunsets arrive early,

let the evenings extend themselves while I lean into the abyss of my being.

Let me lie in the cave of my soul, for too much light blinds me,

steals the source of revelation. Let me seek solace

in the empty places of winter’s passage, those vast dark nights

that never fail to shelter me.
~Joyce Rupp

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