under night magic

The planet does not need

more successful people.

The planet desperately needs

more peacemakers, healers,

restorers, storytellers and

lovers of all kinds.

~Dalai Lama

find the hush of pure stillness wherever you are…

inquiry for today~ remember it’s ok to live simply…

linger in quiet

Gray mottled beech trunks locked in snow,

And a muffled stillness all around;

A stillness cut with the little smack

Of a tiny twig a-springing back

As a ball of snow with a breathy sound

Drops from the iced green pines bent low.

Pale yellow shafts on a snow blue-white

And a molten sun behind the hill;

And thickening shadows under the trees

And the sharp little sting of a sudden breeze,

As up from the crackled crusted rill

Comes the clean-cut breath of the winter’s night.

~Margaret Adelaide Pollard

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