sun up. sun down.

I was forever getting lost,

until one day the Buddha told me:

To walk this Path,

you will need seven friends-

mindfulness, curiosity,

courage, joy,

calm, stillness,

and perspective.

For many years, these friends and I have

traveled together.

Sometimes wandering in circles.

Sometimes taking the long way around.

There were days when I thought I couldn’t go on.

There were days when I thought I was finally beaten.

It’s scary to give all of yourself to just one thing.

What if you don’t make it?

Oh, my heart.

You don’t have to go it alone.

Train yourself

to train


a little

more gently.


may I be well so that I can care for times when nothing is going well.

inquiry for today~ settle into a simple daily rhythm…

kind attunement

When I consider

how in this world

all is falling blossom-

what then must become

of this self?


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