trickle down

If dark nights must come, let them come. Open your doors. Let them come, my dear, and ask them what they want. Maybe all they want is your presence. Nothing else. Maybe all they want to do is to hold you so close and polish you secretly, without telling anyone– Maybe that is all they want. Know that deep inside they hold ten thousand fragrant mornings. They hold the source of laughter. They hold life.

~Guthema Roba

I never say the truth only once…..

inquiry for today~ how will you raise your voice for clarity?

only this sweet love

To be wild is not to be crazy or psychotic.

True wildness is a love of nature,

a delight in silence,

a voice free to say spontaneous things,

and an exuberant curiosity

in the face of the unknown.

~Robert Bly

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