the true compass

There’s a certain kind of safety from healing complex trauma that creates a strong foundation for living life open, surrendered, and in a different way. And there’s a point where that safety becomes another skin that needs to be shed for a truer, more fulfilling, more flourishing life to emerge via learning to trust life again.

Healing complex trauma is a slow, steady journey of learning to live life more open, surrendered and trusting that it’s safe to flourish, to trust the good, and to open to the wisdom inside the desires we’ve kept hidden from ourselves for a long time.

Becoming untethered isn’t just randomly, uncontrollably flying in the wind, but taking refuge in the great mystery that carries us all in our lives.

~Dr. Mia Hetenyi

when I care for something so deep…

inquiry for today~ what’s here?

out there

Come with me,

where dreams are born,

and time is never planned.

~Peter Pan

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