into the day

I’ll tell you what the hermits realize.

If you go off into a far, far forest,

and get very quiet,

you’ll come to understand

that you’re connected

to everything.

~Alan Watts

how is it I can be so certain?

inquiry for today~ there is no sweeter spaciousness…..

your best knowing

Each individual experiences life in two worlds. There is the outer world and there is the inner world. One is the realm of the effect while the other is the realm of the cause. When we surrender to the sensory impressions of the outer world, then life is in the realm of effect, and we continually find ourselves in situations and predicaments that feel beyond our control. However, if we live from the inside out, we then live as masters. The interior, inner world, is the essence and the cause of the outer.

~Rav DovBer Pinson

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