seeker’s gold

It is not our job to remain whole.

We came to lose our leaves

like the trees,

and be born again,

drawing up from the great roots.

~Robert Bly

finding our heart friends…..

inquiry for today~ who is gracious and kind?

When I was young, I was attracted to sorrow. It seemed interesting. It seemed an energy that would take me somewhere. Now I am older, if not old, and I hate sorrow. I see that it has no energy of its own, but uses mine, furtively. I see that it is leaden, without breath, and repetitious, and unsolvable. And now I see that I am sorrowful about only a few things, but over and over.

~Mary Oliver

2 thoughts on “seeker’s gold

    • Oh, I think all the self-help books pretend they have an answer….but it’s much more about the existential ways we have evolved…..however, we can observe and shift and come back to understanding that both sorrow and happiness are necessary….thanks g.f.s…..

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