this offering

Breathe then, as if breathing for the first time,

as if remembering with what difficulty

you came into the world, what strength it took

to make that first impossible in-breath,

into a cry to be heard by the world.

Your essence has always been

that first vulnerability of being found,

of being heard and of being seen,

and from the very beginning,

the one who has always needed,

and been given, so much invisible help.

This is how you were when you first came

into the world, this how you were when you took your

first breath in this world, this is how you are now,

all unawares, in your new body and your new life,

this is the raw vulnerability of your

every day, and this is how you will want to be,

and be remembered, when you leave the world.

~David Whyte

this gift of self-awareness…

inquiry for today~ may you live into fate rather than fear…..

your forgiveness

Since it was in Time that he was to have met his fate, so it was in Time that his fate was to have acted; and as he waked up to the sense of no longer being young, which was exactly the sense of being stale, just as that, in turn, was the sense of being weak, he waked up to another matter beside. It all hung together; they were subject, he and the great vagueness, to an equal and indivisible law. When the possibilities themselves had accordingly turned stale, when the secret of the gods had grown faint, had perhaps even quite evaporated, that, and that only, was failure. It wouldn’t have been failure to be bankrupt, dishonored, pilloried, hanged; it was failure not to be anything.

~Henry James

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