deep cold

At Christmas, time deepens. The Celtic imagination knew that time is eternity in disguise.

They embraced the day as a sacred space. Christmas reminds us to glory in the simplicity and wonder of one day;

it unveils the extraordinary that our hurried lives conceal and neglect.

We have been given such immense possibilities. We desperately need to make clearances in our entangled lives

to let our souls breathe. We must take care of ourselves and especially of our suffering brothers and sisters.

~John O’Donohue

when the cold seeps in…..

inquiry for today~ the long winter is upon us…..

in winter

I’ve been walking the acre

of my soul. It’s been so long.

And over there, the hill I used to

sit on. I’d watch the stars reflect

in the river when it was tired of

running. I wonder what the view

is now. But it takes at least a day

to get there and another to sit still

in the grass and another to wait for

the stars to come out and another

for the river to tire. Sure, life keeps

taking us away. But the only time

I’m free of fear is when I drink

from that river.

~Mark Nepo

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