choose a quieter way

No one should be waiting for grace to do everything for them.

The greatest grace is your capacity to be open, committed, and patient.

The inner peace of awareness is always there, even when it seems to be absent.

And with experience you will take the fluctuations of your mind less and less seriously-

not because you are trying to control or deny them, but because an inner silence has become your new orientation

and nucleus of attention. Always remember that spiritual practice is not about doing it perfectly,

but about the openness and sincerity with which you apply it.


the rain comes down and pools around the heart….

inquiry for today~ settle into a new, sweet practice….

what do you really love?

The new year is a symbol of a new start.

It means there is freshness here.

There is the possibility of opening

to the radiant, innocent freshness

that you are.


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