when I know

Many of us have this notion of the Divine Feminine, the Great Mother,

as a feminine Being that’s going to manifest in some way. But as I understand it, the Divine Mother,

this most potent force that’s coming into the world today, is actually the spirit of Trust.

It’s something we discover… a state of consciousness where you realize you’re held in an embrace,

that you can’t fall off the edge of the world. The Earth will always gather you back up into herself.

The Mother will never drop the child. It’s this feeling,

this realization that we are held in the lap of something far greater than ourselves.

That we are Loved. That Love is in everything in the Universe, and it holds us all together.

~Richard Rudd

whisper sweet nothings to my heart and mind…..

inquiry for today~ where is the intersection between knowing and not knowing?

remnants of a tired soul

When you use your heart to serve, you will feel the benefits of how the power of your field can bring in so much peace, whatever is happening around you, you will experience the connection, when you are aligned and are consistent with your deepest values. It will support you to have a sense of purpose, to participate fully in life.

Whatever the environment is you can still bring yourself into a state of oneness and cultivate soulfulness, promoting warm feelings of love, and kindness towards yourself and all living creatures and people.

Once you have strengthened yourself, you will flower the power of your heart to overcome any obstacles whatever the situation is – flower from within and grow compassion, peace is possible.

~Daily Compassion

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