ethereal simplicity

If the traveler can find

A virtuous and wise companion

Let him go with him joyfully

And overcome the dangers of the way.

But if you cannot find a

Friend or master to go with you,

Travel on alone—

Like a king who has given away his kingdom,

Like an elephant in the forest.

Travel on alone,

rather than with a fool for company.

Do not carry with you your mistakes.

Do not carry your cares.

Travel on alone

Like an elephant in the forest.


the tiny pleasures of sun meeting sky and sea…..

inquiry for today~ linger in a moment all your own…..

when quietude seeps in

I just need

to have long periods

of no talking

and no special thinking

and immediate contact

with the sun, the dirt,

the grass, the leaves;

undistracted by





~Thomas Merton

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