Serendipity in Art Making

serendipity sings with equanimity

Color palettes of copper and teal are seemingly so limited, but I find I’ve been using these a lot (like this). I spent much of the day painting papers, and as I layered I seemed to notice the serenity underneath more and more. Keep it simple and yet layered?

Reminds me of hot buttered rolls. I don’t really eat those anymore, but I certainly remember how lovely they are. It’s the color, soft texture and chewy remembrance. Simple in its ‘comfort.’

That’s what happens when I paint with ‘my’ palette. I know it. I work it. It feels my mood.

Serendipity. That’s when I can sense a shift. A flow which carries. A little anyway. Ahhh….From the underlying comfort and peace and quiet and space of color (soft color with shimmer) I am moved to discover something slightly new. Don’t look twice. You’ll miss it. But it happened. A shadow of discovery.

This is why I go through many tough phases of art making. To revel in a few moments of movement. Unexpected. Charmed. Like this……

One thought on “Serendipity in Art Making

  1. I like this too. It’s like when I’m searching for the photography, instead of just seeing it, and when I let it just happen, it just feels like the stars are aligning and I know it’s good work. Like this. 🙂

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