Remember to Make-Believe…

A gentle nudge to laugh, lose control, curl up, get out of your routine, nap, tell a dumb joke, hug someone unexpectedly, look for the moon, read about the circus, take photos in your yard, listen, ignore your to-do list for one day, eat something equal parts yummy and healthy…followed by chocolate, argue about how important magic is, read a really good poem (I can help with that…more on that later), sit…really……just sit, sleep in and then go to brunch, go to the movies with a frazzled friend, hang out with your family, lie down with your legs up the wall…..just try it, say no to some things on your really full schedule, try to leisurely¬† Christmas shop, leave notes for special people, check out kindness tricks, get a massage, clean out your winter sweaters….then buy a really cozy new one, do something different during your lunch break, shop at a vintage store, pretend you are a life coach for a day, and listen to a little music like you’ve just found someone important…

A little magic…

unexpected light...

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