Walking Through the Fire….Emptyhanded?

burning house..."to reveal man's naked self as none before had dared"

This question has been a bit haunting…..have you heard of the burning house blog? It asks……

….only one cogent question….if your house was burning, what would you take with you?

I learned about this through an online workshop I’m participating in…..lovely, lovely Madelyn Mulvaney’s ‘persisting soul photography’ ecourse….I highly recommend it….more on that another day when I’ve completed it….

So…..one of my most interesting gut reactions to the burning house question….is wow…..I could not choose. No way. Like having 100 cats and choosing 1.

Forget it all.

Life is so representational to me. Being so conceptual, I realize that all of the things tied around memories and creativity are invaluable. How could I break up the context of things? Everything is in relation to something else.

Here is what I concluded…

I love objects in relation to one another. I love their stories. I see the light of a favorite lamp with a special book and a chipped cup of tea….

most soulful and fundamental to true self….

photos, artwork, journals, books, seashells…….

and The Cat…..

I would also run with my passion, resilience…

and the New Me Without Stuff.

It’s even more interesting to see how others answer this question…..check out the blog….you’ll be amazed…..

This question layers under the surface of what is our life worth? How many selves do you have anyway? Could you choose? Maybe a few don’t serve you so well anymore? Who would you leave behind? Who would be in front of that trail of fire? Would you be up for trailblazing? What does starting over mean to you?

Lotus in the Mud reminds us to simply or not so simply ‘remember what really matters most’….referencing another blog from wildmind, the question is asked….

“Looking back, what has mattered to you? Looking ahead, what do you want to keep on the front burner?”

We can’t ask this question enough…..His answers are worth checking out.

And yours are too…

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