Studio Mess & Bliss

my haven

A little mystery and a lot of work here. Working on some altered books & an assemblage piece…’s taking a lot of time. Something is missing. So, time it shall take.

I’m shifting perspectives. This art of mine is sprouting new limbs…unruly ones. Not quite chaos. Something gainly. Hatching. Building. Burying. Then starting over.

I move around many projects. Love that. Mostly collage. Altered books.

Paint. Texture. Paper. Sketching.

Color palette……copper, teal, gold, bronze, silver, magenta

What’s missing is more sketching time….love working with pencil & charcoal….portraits. Noting that.

Holiday time and lots of traveling remind me to protect this precious studio time. Very focused on  projects.. Always taking lots of photos. Immersed in the ‘soul photography’ course I mentioned. Love sharing photos…..getting very into instagram! 

Back to bliss………….remember this as you get to the studio…………..

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