a sigh into Thanksgiving week…..& how much yoga will I need?

Yes. Gratitude & Instagram & Yoga will make this week flow much easier. Letting go & distractions.

I have a feeling we’re all in it together this week. Juggling agendas & expectations. Connecting. Or not.

Absolutely burrowed in iphone apps & instagram. Tiny morsels of art & connectivity…..endless inspiration & moving to the ragged edge of visual instinct.

I love to hit the like button over & over……so many gems out there!

I have dozens of iphone photo apps…..a few faves of the moment are

hipstamatic, swanko lab, tilt shift generator, toy camera, and old camera. It changes frequently.

The camera is an instrument that teaches people how to see without a camera………

…………Dorothea Lange

yoga off the mat

Photography & Yoga mesh well as meditative & attentive practices. Not so adrift or uncertain.

One looks, looks long, and the world comes in……

…………..Joseph Campbell

A downward dog held for five breaths can ward off inertia, doubt, and weary bones.

On & off the mat, digging into the holiday season, I’m finding it the perfect way to set intention with chaos & gratitude…….using this dichotomy to peek into sankalpa…..’heart’s desire’…….a new phase of discovery……

And yes, this slightly crazy week is the perfect time to let it swirl….let it fold in…..keeping the camera at eye level & the downward dogs keeping the feelings out of the way of seeing……

Another pause for great philosophy…..

4 thoughts on “a sigh into Thanksgiving week…..& how much yoga will I need?

  1. Thank You so much for this beautiful post and letting us know we are not alone.
    I am definately reframing my connections and expectations this year.
    Also, I Love that you shared the teachings of Sankalpa.
    I will be incorporating that teaching into my life moving forward into the next year.
    ~Listening to my heart
    ~Welcoming the message
    ~being willing to do what my heart desire requires…Love

  2. Not letting myself get rundown by the inanities of holiday traditions that are rooted in things that have never concerned me…..I am alien to it all, yet to enjoy it is the only way. It is what is HERE NOW.

  3. Yes, the inane holiday traditions are best made into what we need HERE NOW. What concerns us is connection & how to let the rest be……Great post…..thanks my friend……

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