undulations & silent chaos

silent motion

Buddha took some Autumn leaves

In his hand & asked

Ananda if these were all

The red leaves there were.

Ananda answered that it

Was Autumn & leaves

Were falling all about them,

More than could ever

Be numbered. So Buddha said,

‘I have given you

A handful of truths. Besides

These there are many

Thousands of other truths, more

Than can ever be numbered.’

……….The City of the Moon…….Kenneth Rexroth

Living for the greening….for the buddha moments…..

When the flow of ordinary mental activity is interrupted, mind & eye stop. The flash of perception comes from nowhere, & it goes nowhere. That moment of coming back from distraction provides the contrast between being absent & being present, between being asleep & being awake, between thinking & seeing. You are shocked from your sleep & lose your place in your story line. It is direct & in focus. Whatever it is, it is here……..Andy Karr & Michael Wood….The Practice of Contemplative Photography

These are not illusory….not perfect moments…..this is my life. The shock & the beauty.  Notice your color.

4 thoughts on “undulations & silent chaos

    • Thank you for sharing m.m….I think we are always somewhat ‘stunned’ & jerked back when we come back to the present moment…..

  1. This was a beautiful interlude in my Sunday morning, and I loved the video – thank you! 🙂

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