catnapping & a pause for sweetness

art time

I need room today… for art, for breathing, for ruminating,

for catnapping with the cat…..

Nothing but sweet-nothings today…..tidbits, art snacks, niceties…..

Where the art fairies are gracious & forgiving…

Where I can look into a project, not at a project….

A visit with me today….

Your sacred space is where you can find yourself again & again & again….Joseph Campbell

going down deep in white

I have a special affinity for white tshirts…..somehow they connect me to me…..

simple, real, jeans & a tshirt, yes?

That’s the kind of day it is….everything is right here where I need it to be…..

but I will forget….and begin again another day….

today is a day for sweetness…..

for quiet space….for seed planting…..

As we retreat into the quiet of our inner being, open ourselves to the creative spirit, we are establishing conditions for the unimaginable to occur. We are met by the Muse full of gifts of her own. Gifts of insight, flow, energy. Gifts of breaking through, breaking into, breaking out. Gifts of light, grace, wisdom, joy……Jan Phillips

back to catnapping……

2 thoughts on “catnapping & a pause for sweetness

  1. I know you savored every bit of this day.
    It sounds like a dream….
    Thank You for reminding me about the movie Chocolat…such an Inspiration of Creative Spirit and a reminder that some fear what they do not understand.

    • It’s hard to leave things, but the rewards are ‘sweet’ for sure……important to remember how filling the well feeds all of those around us too…

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