tugging the leash of my wabi-sabi heart

the nobler arts

 By faithful study of the nobler arts, our nature’s softened, & more gentle grows…………Ovid

Humbled by process today. The reckless places we tend toward…..being unkind to ourselves. Our stories are vital, not meant to be over-analyzed, over-indulged, and over-needy. They are simply our life.

Looking at my life as a wabi-sabi original……a shrine to my heart. The limiting suggestions we chain to ourselves need a little space.

When we reject our stories, we reject our hearts. We choke ourselves.

Studying this gentle & soft practice is wabi-sabi. I take this into the busyness of December, into all of my projects weighing with such importance to me, into cookie baking, into tree decorating, into gift buying & into deepening contemplative musings.

Wabi Sabi is simple. Any kind of fruit becomes sweeter from the rays of the sun. The sun doesn’t add sugar; the sugar is already in the fruit. The sun only helps reveal it. In this way, your philosophy of life is like the fruit, & Wabi Sabi is like the sun making sweeter what was already there. Wabi Sabi is imperfection, the appreciation of the value & beauty of imperfection….honoring the quirks, the oddities, the perfectly imperfect uniqueness of you & me & everything…….Taro Gold….Living Wabi Sabi

There is a place where all that is ugly is fine……

essential & palpable & visceral……….

Master Nanquan said to Master Huangbo, “Elder, your physical size is not large, but isn’t your straw hat too small?” Huangbo said, “Although that’s true, still, the entire universe is within it.”………..Zen’s Chinese Heritage (trans. A. Ferguson)

silly wabi-sabies

2 thoughts on “tugging the leash of my wabi-sabi heart

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