attention to detail…a finer moment…

a glimpse of magic...catching stars...

When we wake up to how human life on this planet actually is, and stop running away or building walls in our heart, then we develop a wiser motivation for our life. And we keep waking up as the natural dukkha [suffering] touches us. This means that we sharpen our attention to catch our instinctive reactions of blaming ourselves, blaming our parents, or blaming society; we meditate and access our suffering at its root; and consequently we learn to open and be still in our heart………Ajahn Sucitto

Abide…..a beautiful & yet uncomfortable place where we observe, question & know…..forget it all & begin again…

Thanks to my brother for teaching me the finer distinctions of play & perception….the humble refusal to settle for answers…

a remembrance of earth & sky continually converging….

Deep in this mountain is an old pond. Deep or shallow, its bottom has never been seen…………John Daido Loori

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