glimpse of art’s night dance…

glimpse of beauty

yes, a little night magic….

The Soul’s Superior instants Occur to Her- alone- When friend- & earth’s occasion Have infinite withdrawn….Emily Dickinson

beginning to feel like preparations for the new year are more settled….a loosening around all that this year will bring….allowing what will be….

moving from planning to being…

some of my new year’s thoughts on being an artist…

I am profoundly moved by making art. Having little framework with which to explain the mystery of art, the barriers to making art & the fortitude to deepen the practice of art-making have collectively pushed me to move beyond the comfort of my craft. An appreciation for the depth of the richly faceted concept of creative process & and my own view of art as an artful living process brings a new authenticity & confidence to my search for meaning in art.

this fulgent mystery ‘comes up’ like gifts of gold, nesting in a box…

questioning the poetics of my boxes...

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