the value of emotional seasons

watching the world go by...

Insight into spiritual truth is not difficult to come by, but the purification & the shattering of illusions that must be undergone by those who commit their lives to the integration of that truth is a momentous undertaking. The heroic inner leaps that every spiritual warrior is asked to make, are far more easily reflected upon than accomplished. Whether we are talking about the need to drop the sense of insecurity, disidentify with ego, let go of the hope of salvation, or allow our concepts & constructs about what spirituality is to fade, these are processes that span many years, even if we have first had very clear insight into their principles……Mariana Caplan

It is quite powerful to simply sit & watch the world go by…to reflect upon the daunting tasks…to see the roleplaying we all do…the phases that pass through us…then to let it all go & play awhile…..adding a little costuming to the great adventure….

this too shall pass as they say….


2 thoughts on “the value of emotional seasons

  1. Adam Ant …boy …that brought back some great memories.
    I plan on definately being witness to this beautiful world we live in over the next couple of months.
    I will share the journey my friend …as you share yours.

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