Contentment…like finding flowers in winter…

           winter flowers….a tiny miracle…
Spiritual life is a fine balance between effort & surrender. In spite of what the fast-food spiritual teachers of our time claim, spiritual practice requires tremendous effort, & effort brings with it tension. We need to relax that tension, so we might open to the grace, depth, & energetic subtleties that result from practice. We learn to gracefully receive what life gives us, rather than demand that life should always give us what we want. This is contentment…..Mariana Caplan
Just full of it today! Loads of life out on a simple stroll…’s all just right here….all here & gone…a glimpse of ‘suchness’….
“So let me get this clear,” I said, as I walked up to my teacher’s desk. “You’re telling me that I absolutely cannot trust myself because the mind is conditioned, confused, & full of lies & deceit, & at the same time, I must trust myself implicitly because there is nothing else I can trust.”
“Exactly,” he said……Mariana Caplan

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