adularescence or the shimmer of life’s flux…..

moonstone & moods & fleeting moments...

“For me, facing the full catastrophe means finding & coming to terms with what is most human in ourselves. Catastrophe here does not mean disaster. Rather it means the poignant enormity of our life experience. It includes crises & disasters but also all the little things that go wrong & that add up. The phrase reminds us that life is always in flux, that everything we think is permanent is actually only temporary & constantly changing. Everything. The major avenue available to us as individuals for handling stress effectively is to understand what we are going through. We can best do this by cultivating our ability to perceive our experience in its full context. If we can change the way we see we can change the way we respond.” …..Jon Kabat-Zinn….Full Catastrophe Living

Been thinking about lots of friends going through lots of things….how we move through time’s relentlessness….how much beauty we miss along the way…. how resilient we are…

Like the moonstone’s shimmer…there & gone….blinding & searching all at the same time….full of mystery & questions & change…..

This is the fire in motion….

If you too, are working on things, going through things, not quite dealing with things….may you move through with a renewed aura of okness….

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