wild reaches of unconscious immensity…

meditations on man, meditations on nature

The daimonic consciousness does not ‘develop.’ It is an innate sensitivity that we can exercise & condition like our bodies. It is something given to us at birth, our nature, the marrow of soul, & its absence is like a state of soul loss or a fall from grace. This loss, the lost soul, is an essential aspect of the creation cycle. It is always moving; it is creation itself……Shaun McNiff…..Art As Medicine

Don’t forget about those other sources of inspiration….the abstract, the little nudges, the nuance of light in the afternoon window, the whispers, the old wild ones…

We come to this like wanderers…loosely bidden…

The Wanderer seeks the hidden, the mysterious, the wild. She knows the changes she goes through while searching are as important as finding what she seeks. She is not in a hurry. Wandering is as valuable as anything else she might do. She shall wander through both psyche & nature until she can no longer tell them apart….meandering….Bill Plotkin…Soulcraft

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