peeking ’round shadows….

shadow work

The journey through the Landscape of the Soul changes one’s perspective. Seeing ourselves & the world from the heights of spiritual insight makes everything more real. It’s not so much that anything changes; rather, things become more fully what they already are. We don’t transform ourselves; we become ourselves. We journey into the Landscape of the Soul so that our life here in the world might reflect the unity & love we touched on in our communion with God. Wherever we go on our spiritual journey, all roads lead back to our humanness……Elizabeth Lesser

Awakening discernment is strangely non-coherent. Unspeakable really. A subtle opening, coming out from shadows….touching the morning dew rather than just seeing it… realizing you haven’t missed a thing….

It’s all simply right where you need it to be….

To understand all is to forgive all…..Voltaire

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