a love day….may it be so….

beauty held...

“Love is the only rational act of a lifetime.”..Stephen Levine

Kiss your friends & remember that kiss…..

When we do the hard work of stilling the mind & opening the heart, we come into love. First we love within, then we love the world. First we forgive ourselves, then we forgive others & life itself. Real love of others stems from love of oneself as a soul… not ego-loving ego, but soul-loving soul. Ego turns love into sentimentality, which is an idea of love. Love is deep feeling grounded in action. Love is the fruit of heartfulness. And heartfulness is a lifelong journey…….Elizabeth Lesser

I love beautiful ideas…try this….write about love…the ways you have loved, the ways you have denied love, the ways your ideas of love have changed, the ways you have turned away from love, the ways you have not loved yourself, the ways you try to love everyday…..

Here’s mine for this Valentine’s Day 2012…

A Story of Sorts….Tenderness & Gratitude

Life & dreams & days sometimes sneak into chaos. He knows. He brings tea. He brings the cat. He allows space. He tucks in the blanket. How can something so simple as comfort be so perfect?

…..something about purity of intention….

‘In love, there is no because’……Anaiis Nin

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