deep winter cold….stark clarity & bare feet

anticipating spring

I’m thinking wistfully about warmer weather,

endless days of sunshine, easy living….

t-shirts & bare feet…..

the bigger & more interesting connection of seasons changing is brought out in this article about growth….from the macro to the micro & back….

what does it mean to grow & deconstruct at the same time? how do we ‘go within’ to change long-held beliefs…can we really change ‘how the world works?’…

what is ‘true growth’ vs. ‘economic growth?’…..what we all say we want, yet it isn’t really happening….& probably won’t….

do we really know how to be present, truly compassionate, & how does this really begin with me or is it an ideal not grounded in ‘reality?’….

 We are all children of the Great Spirit, we all belong to Mother Earth. Our planet is in great trouble & if we keep carrying old grudges & do not work together, we will all die….Chief Seattle

tough questions for a cold, winter day….moving beyond angst into & around the truth about our empty places….

Whatever happens, our commitment is to use whatever happens to awaken our heart. To realize our connection with all beings. There is not a formula for doing this kind of work. Stay with our discomfort…..then the reservoir of compassion begins to emerge……Pema Chodron

2 thoughts on “deep winter cold….stark clarity & bare feet

  1. This is a great post. It is true, our earth is in trouble and minds can’t agree on how or why so nothing gets accomplished. Connecting is part of the solution.

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