intuition, aesthetics & what is beautiful…

kiss the fragrance in static beauty...

What is at the heart of aesthetics? My thesis ranted about the poetics of aesthetics, the understanding of communication needed about ‘what is art?,’ the philosophical codes used to navigate ethics, mataphysics, perceptions & sentimentality…….but it’s much more intuitive…..the ethereal, aura of beauty….

… it is said, beauty is in the eye of the beholder…..

The beautiful, one way or another, always shakes us. Seeing the world through new eyes, leaving behind conceptual habits & narrow-mindedness makes life seem anew. Beauty takes us out of a ghost world, opens us to an unmeasurable, unpredictable abundance of sounds, perfumes, lines, textures, colors that amaze & renew us. Beauty brings a fresh wind to our minds. It does not attack with logic the stronghold of our beliefs, rather it introduces a new dimension that amazingly changes our viewpoint. The experience of natural beauty forces us to leave behind the empty boxes of our cliches & to perceive the world around us in all its complexity & richness. Just a few moments’ attention is all that is needed……

………Piero Ferrucci….Beauty & the Soul

2 thoughts on “intuition, aesthetics & what is beautiful…

  1. Wow! What a beautiful way of explaining and defining ‘beauty’…! I felt the positive vibes while reading your post. Amazing write up!
    Superlike to this post 🙂

    • Superlikes…..very cool….thanks & I’m glad this resonates with you….great to see others who realize our deeper connection to beauty…

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