wings & the visceral calm of seeking

calling the fairies.....

nature love & the visceral calm

of a nuanced moment…

plaintive cries of the hero’s journey. I’ve been watching a heron for endless time. she’s seeking too……it’s as if she draws with her feet…simple, clean lines…contemplative. I try to mimic her, but I’m clumsy & not in the moment. she knows. she knows, but she doesn’t mind…it’s as if she’s teaching me. the light shifts, streaming. the sweet smell of grass shifts my journey into a moment of sensual grace. a reverie. I can feel the mist off the water. a calling to notice. simply notice. the heron notices the new scents….fairies peeking ’round corners. she is kissing the clouds & beckoning the silly fairies into the sun’s warmth. her mesmerized stance may be the most beauteous image I have ever felt. there they were…and gone…a wing, a flutter, a whisper, a remembrance. that contentment of suchness as is…& I hear the singing in my head of gifts & gratitude. a gentle opening of the heart. the heron, the fairies, me, the green, the only day there is, today. we simply breathe… together, one.

can you sense the wind shift?

…..In Blue……

But fairies haven’t fled, my dear…

They’ve been here all the while.

….Becky Kelly….

4 thoughts on “wings & the visceral calm of seeking

  1. I really like this, I love fairies and the quote at the end reminds me of secrets my grandfather told me as a child about the ‘unseen.’

  2. Love this image, especially–a bench with beautiful pillows, my! And the hovering fairy–wow!

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