wild abandonment & the titillating woo of artistic inspiration

a place to nest in the wild of the heart

‘it’ really is all about passion…our love of our life, the possibilities of renewal, & our physical aliveness within our five senses….this is passion & sensuality….big life….taking it all in…eating the world alive with voracious appetite….

the source of our inspiration… a fire which flames up from the deep vulnerability of letting go…a trance beyond will or imagination…

the question is…can we harness this power? can we channel it into art? do we dare reach for these limits of the human self?

Jung’s unconcsious….

Lorca’s dark & creative force…duende….

‘the constant baptism of newly created things’…the highest high which can drop to the lowest low…if not honored….so rare & so fine….this is soul work of the most daring kind…

A highly traditional work deepens immeasurably when one feels the primal murkiness threatening to swell up underneath the geometric clarity, the verbal concision, & the ironic wit. The ancient demons are never far from shore. The rational art is especially haunting when one feels the struggle in the thought, or even underneath the thought; when one senses something dark welling up from below, from the primordial mud; when one recognizes the powerful internal pressure of a mind defending itself against self…….Edward Hirsch

there’s more than a little soul in the textures of exquisite inspiration…

red & wild….

(this is a huge topic…..more later…..)

3 thoughts on “wild abandonment & the titillating woo of artistic inspiration

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