Sunshine Award

With Gratitude to Mira Jay at Divine Rhythm for nominating me for The Sunshine Award….a sweet little award designed to connect us a little more here in blog land… Mira’s blog is lovely…..sensitive, intuitive & beautifully written…..please take a moment to visit her world….

…..follow up with a thanks & a link to the one who nominated you

….answer a few fun & silly questions

….& nominate 10 others who really captivate your attention with links to their blogs

My Special Nominees with Unique & Inspiring Blogs (no particular order):

Caddo Veil

Pigeon Heart

Evoking the Deep


Odd But Important

Beautifully Sewn

Pieces of Me

Lightning Droplets

Olive Twist



Favorite colors:   copper & teal                       

Favorite animal:    manatee                             

Favorite number:                            

Favorite non-alcoholic drink:    green tea

Prefer Facebook or Twitter?   neither    

My passion:    living well                                 

Prefer getting or giving presents:   giving                                                       

Favorite pattern:    wave                     

Favorite day of the week:   Sunday

Favorite flower:    passion flower

16 thoughts on “Sunshine Award

  1. Sincere congratulations to you–great to meet you, also! And how lovely of you to nominate me for this award–thanks so much–I accept!!

  2. Thank you so much! From one manatee-lover to another, I really appreciate this. Your writing is so soulful and lovely. It’s really quite inspiring. Thank you so much for sharing it!

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