Tag Games

More expressive ways to connect….

thank you Freedom to a Full Life….a very inspiring, fun & full of surprises blog….I appreciate being included in the fun  & for inviting me to join in ‘tag you’re it’….please visit her blog for a ‘blog experience’….

being ‘tagged’ means to bring others in to the world of q&a and connecting blogs….

answer 11 questions….

nominate 11 bloggers…

& send out 11 new questions…

don’t forget to thank your nominater & to link back to all nominees…

My Answers

1. How does blogging add to your life?  connects & integrates

2. What makes life worth living for you?  giving back

3. What is in your bucket list?   volunteer vacation

4. What is your favorite comfort food?  chicken noodle soup

5. What is your favorite drink?  green tea

6. Do you like your birthday?  love it…warm summertime…..love to celebrate life…

7. When you were in school were you a bully, nerd, preppy, or something else?  bookworm

8. What is your favorite music?  all kinds, needs to have ‘soul’

9. What is your hobby (other than blogging)?  making art, working on my master’s, yoga, volunteering

10. What is your secret fear?  losing hope

11. What melts your heart?   the very old with a twinkle in their eyes, holding hands



Searching for the Light

GYA Today


Serene One



Impressions of My World

Noisy Pilgrims

J. Ruth Kelly

Ok, 11 Nominees…..My 11 Questions if You Choose to Play….

1) beach or mountains?

2) milkshake or sundae?

3) cat or dog?

4) spirituality or religion?

5) hatchback or sedan?

6) city or country?

7) books or kindle?

8) health food or junk food?

9) exercise or couch?

10) flowers or chocolate?

11) setting goals or day by day?

4 thoughts on “Tag Games

  1. 1. beach
    2. that’s a hard choice- sundae
    3. dog
    4. spirituality
    5. hatchback
    6. country
    7. books
    8. health food
    9. exercise
    10. flowers
    11. day by day

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