aliveness in the dream world of solitude

subterfuge of the heart


In my empty rooms are time & space.

I return to be myself

Unfretted & unfettered

In this self-like place.

T’ao Ch’ien

I am most keenly aware of a deep need for solitude when it is difficult to find…I just need to burrow….to go down deep in the heart…in knowing….to allow all social elements to settle….like a calm pond…I can hear the fish swim….

In solitude, artists confront life with all the integrity, passion & intensity they can muster. These existential encounters are the very essence of authentic living. The time spent in solitude is the time when they feel most alive & real…..with the most intense experiences…..Eric Maisel

loosening your grip on your own identity is quite empowering….dropping the shroud of ego just for a little while….the dreams held so fragile light up, become real & strong….

this is wild mind…fluid, capable & suddenly destined….

like beautiful music that catches your breath…

whispers it, & transforms it to soul…

I know that nothing has ever been real

without my beholding it

All becoming has needed me.

My looking ripens things

& they come toward me, to meet & be met.


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