Sunshine Award #2

Thank you to Nocturne Firefay for my second nomination for the Sunshine Award…

This blog stands out in beauty & aliveness….please visit for her lovely & skillful writing….I particularly like her descriptive voice….’random sparks & tickles’….

Another great way to connect our blogs, our inspirations, our stories….

My nominations for worthwhile blog visits include…(in no particular order…)

Please visit, enjoy & congratulate…

Busking the Silence

Blissful Basil

Life Between the Lines

Far Away From Here

Pain is an Illusion

Experiences on the Couch

Lead. Learn. Live.

Mike’s Look at Life

Open Life Studio


10 Questions to Share

favourite colour – copper & teal

favourite animal –  manatee

favourite number– 7

favourite non alcoholic drink– green tea

Facebook or twitter- neither

my passion-  living well

getting or giving presents– giving

favourite pattern– wave

favourite day of the week–  Sunday

favourite flower– passion flower

Please follow with a thank you & a link back

to the one who nominated you….answer the 10 questions…..

& pass on the award to 10 others with a link

who capture your attention….

13 thoughts on “Sunshine Award #2

  1. 10 Questions to Share

    favourite colour – Brown

    favourite animal – dog

    favourite number- 10

    favourite non alcoholic drink- water/OJ

    Facebook or twitter- neither

    my passion- freedom

    getting or giving presents- giving

    favourite pattern- plaid

    favourite day of the week- I like them all

    favourite flower- purple cone flower

    Not sure where to leave these. But here you go!

    Thank you for giving me the award!

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