Versatile Blogger Award #2


Much gratitude to Katrina at Freedom to a Full Life for my second nomination for a Versatile Blogger Award

Please visit Katrina’s blog for a worthwhile visit full of sincere & thoughtful topics….I’ve been following her for sometime….a big heart & inspiration to all…

This award is designed to connect us, inspire us, & to help us to find each other in blog land….

My nominations include a wonderful array of intriguing stops along the way

(no particular order)…

Please take a moment to visit….

Journey Back to Words


La Navigatrice Solitaire

Nothing of Mentality

Marianne MacGregor


Global Light Minds

Wild Words Artist

A Tranquil Place

A Charmed Yogi

7 Things About Me…

I  travel a lot

My cat may be my best friend

I love all things winged

I love to cook

I’m studying to be a yoga instructor

 Long walks are a necessity

I really want a treehouse

Please pass on a thank you with a link to the one who nominated you….pass on 7 things about yourself….& nominate 10-15 blogs with links you are excited about….

Thanks to all!

8 thoughts on “Versatile Blogger Award #2

  1. I am helping to build my Habitat House
    Walking in the woods is a necessity
    Dancing invites my mind to rest while my body expresses my feelings
    Children continue to teach me
    Spirit asks us to breathe with gratitude and forgiveness
    Girlfriends keep me honest with laughter
    Wandering, physically and literally, invites wonder

  2. Congratulations, you could have worse friends than your cat, mine is one of my best friends too. And I love cooking. Well done.

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