our hearts laid bare….bathed in warrior tears…


As an inlet cannot close itself to the sea that shapes it, the heart can only wear itself open…..Mark Nepo

an uplifting epithet to hope….better than hope…maybe this is the genuine heart of beautiful sadness…..reminding us that we simply open over & over again to this beauteous life…

A hungry heart is a tender heart. And tenderness contains a certain element of sadness. Trungpa Rinpoche explains this as a natural & beautiful condition, the result of staying open to the full experience of life. He used the term ‘warrior’ to suggest how brave we must be to defeat our own self-deception, while at the same time remaining open, sensitive, tender. Happiness is ours when we go through our anger, fear, & pain, all the way to our sadness, & then slowly let sadness develop into tenderness…..Elizabeth Lesser

This is where discernment comes in…..like a built in duality in our heart centers…..we must keep our eyes as wide open as our hearts…..differentiating the many levels of our ego’s choices & judgments….being able to abide & ride the storms which surely come with being more awake, genuine & hungry for meaning.

may you value yourself enough to allow the tears

 & then walk the many lonely walks…

cocoon your gothic heart & then with eyes sharp,

choose your boundaries….

8 thoughts on “our hearts laid bare….bathed in warrior tears…

  1. Truth. You have expressed truth so beautifully. What a life challenge…to remain with heart open AND choose your boundaries. The true warrior way.

  2. truth is what immediately came to my mind first as well. This is hard to do, without bitterness, but I believe we are the better for it when we follow this path. Wonderful post!!

    • Thanks Jeannie…I so agree; it is immensely difficult…I think we achieve snippets of these transcendent actions…it keeps us moving because we are then able to see how much better we are….thanks for the insight…

  3. i love the warrior pose – and relating the pose to being a warrior for compassion. transitioning from judgment to awareness, expressing compassion for the process.

  4. This is packed full of loving truth….you and I share many similar views…so nice to see these messages out in the blogesphere…..I am really enjoying your thoughts and look forward to your future posts…thank you
    love to you

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