heart & mind collide under the moon…

essence of heartbeams...

The mind creates the abyss, & the heart crosses  it…..

Sri Nisargadatta

Many of the great sorrows of the world arise when the mind is disconnected from the heart. When we touch beneath all the busyness of thought, we discover a sweet, healing silence, an inherent peacefulness in each of us, a goodness of heart, strength, & wholeness. In discovering this healing power, we sense that everything is intertwined in a continuous movement….Jack Kornfield

this time of year calls our hearts out….tentative, raw & superaware…..wanting to open, yet needing the sweet cover of moon….needing rapture, but we’re too meek….

The goal is an awakened heart, one that feels everything there is to feel: joy & hope, enchantment & aliveness; & also longing, sadness, anger, & pain. We feel how wonderful it is to be alive, how funny, how tragic. We don’t shut down when the feelings get troublesome; we stay awake even when it hurts. This is the path of the heart: to develop tenderness toward the self & each other by opening wider & wider to the wonders & the woes of the world….Elizabeth Lesser

yes, dear heart….fly to the moon…wide & winsome & wild….

  moon cradling heart….

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