revisiting love….cracking open the heart….

the sweeping magnanimity of Buddha nature

On the spiritual path, there’s nothing to get, & everything to get rid of. Obviously, the first thing to let go of is trying to “get” love, & instead to give it. That’s the secret of the spiritual path. One has to give oneself wholeheartedly. If we want to be loved, we are looking for a support system. If we want to love, we are looking for spiritual growth. Love is the warmth of the heart, the connectedness, the protection, the caring, the concern, the embrace that comes from acceptance & understanding for oneself. Having practiced that, we are in a much better position to practice love toward others. We realize they are just as unlovable as we are, & they have just as many unwholesome thoughts. But that doesn’t matter. We are not judge & jury. When we relate to other people, we can let them just be & love them……Ayya Khema

there’s no hiding from an open heart….it radiates out….everyone can sense it…..feel it…benefit from it…..we love ourselves, then we share that love…..

this isn’t trite, banal, idealistic, or childish…this is truth, hard work….& profoundly elusive….

get addicted to big love….

Hemingway got it right when he said that “love is the wanting to do things for.” Can I surrender to what is? This question allows us to do the one thing that can help free us from the domination of our fears: that is,  to welcome them in & actually feel them. As we become more inwardly free from our our fears, the love & connection that are possible in  relationships tend to flow through us more naturally. As our defenses  are lowered, our heart opens, & there is a natural desire to give from  the generosity of the heart. We discover that genuine happiness in relationships is not a product of having our expectations met or getting  what we want but rather it is the consequence of freely giving in order to bring happiness to another…..Ezra Bayda

13 thoughts on “revisiting love….cracking open the heart….

  1. Too often we forget ourselves, that to love deeply we must love ourselves first, only then can we give our love away. I’m am not certain I have done this, but work on it always, there is a balance that needs to be felt…

    • So true….I tried to emphasize the need for self-love & acceptance here…..because selflessness as a virtue is so easily misconstrued……I’m not certain I have done this either….it’s so easy to fall into perfectionist tendencies…..control issues….queen of mulit-tasking, etc:) Always a balance thing….yes….thanks g.f.s….

  2. It’s like a seed we sow deep inside of us; if we don’t shower it with much care&love, it’ll never fruit neither for us to taste nor for others…

  3. This was SUCH A BEAUTIFUL post!! Are you familiar with Dr. Brene Brown? Her research is on wholehearted people, vulnerabilty and shame. I wrote about her in a post a while back if you’re interested.

    I highly recommend checking out her TedTalk and website if you don’t know about her. I’m sure you would like it.
    Thanks for sharing such a wonderful post!

    • Wow…thank you Nina so much….this is the perfect compliment…’ve really done your heartfelt research…..vulnerability is such a great word to describe all that we mean with ‘open heart’……indeed….wonderful to have found your blog….Dr. Brown is on my list:) thank you for sharing….blessings….

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