the inexhaustible & tender remedy…

serendiptiy's shrine on in the present moment...

To live is so startling it leaves little time for anything else…  Emily Dickinson

to heal & to be healed… 

You don’t ‘do’ presence- you ‘are’ presence. Being present is not a complicated matter- all you do is wake up. Including being awake to yourself. You give yourself fully to the present instant, letting go of what was, & choosing not to anticipate what will be. This is healing presence. It is an art, affirming others potential for wholeness. We bring our uniqueness, our depth, & our fullness to this creative undertaking. It is a powerful gift……..James Miller

pausing in our self-defined sacred space opens possibilities of healing….reaffriming our own authenticity aside from our everyday identity brings a new depth to what we bring to others’….like the art of listening….but from the heart…

the deep & sensitive person knows what beautifully limited creatures we are…..& still moves forward with outstretched hands….offering gifts of an ancient code…

We carry whole worlds within us as we brush by each other in supermarkets to read mayonnaise jars. Discovering who we are is like breaking a trail up the side of a mountain. Yet the deepest friendships begin when we look into the eye of another & discover that they have been there too. Only by daring to know ourselves can we deeply know others…… Mark Nepo

9 thoughts on “the inexhaustible & tender remedy…

  1. Rainer Maria Rilke believes, “The only journey is the journey within.” perhaps because she has found true what Socrates meant when he said, “Know thy Self”..
    Well I’ve to agree with both&you

    • Indeed…..we are so much more clear when we live the ‘self-examined life’…..Thanks Mira…..Rilke & Socrates….great way to begin the day:)

  2. I wrote a poem called While We Slept that speaks to this same thought, we need to look in each other’s eyes, to share our light. I read recently that it is now proven the there’s a light that comes from the eye, it doesn’t just receive. I am sure you’ve felt someone looking at you…

    • a cogent observation for sure…..yes, & imagine how much deeper when we are completely present…’s interesting how uncomfortable we are with eye contact at certain times….when we’re not ‘ready’….please send the link to your poem…thanks g.f.s….

  3. Great thoughts in your post, and I was especially struck by the words of Mark Nepo: “We carry whole worlds within us as we brush by each other in supermarkets to read mayonnaise jars.” In my case, it’s usually the ice cream aisle, but the same idea applies. Thanks for bringing together diverse (but interrelated) ideas and tying them together with your own insights. It’s always a treat to read your posts!

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