the inextricable entwinement of light through man & sky….

the journey of light…

From Jacques Lusseyran who lost his eyesight at the age of eight. From his book ‘And There Was Light’….after his time leading Anti-Nazi resistance…

I began to look more closely, not at things but at a world closer to myself, looking from an inner place…

I was aware of a radiance emanating from a place which might as well have been outside of me as within. But radiance was there, or, to put it more precisely, light. It was a fact, for light was there. I found light & joy at the same moment, & I can say without hesitation that from that time on light & joy have never been separated in my experience. I have had them or lost them together.

this light is our consciousness…it speaks to us….vibrates an initial glimpse of spirit…it’s up to us to respond….not rigid…not another way for our sanctimonious projections to alight….neither sinful nor ethereal……yet it is the fearless & transcendent attitude which lifts life & death out of our small judgments….spacious awareness of what is….

The mysterious properties of light, which have preoccupied every great scientist from Galileo & Newton to Einstein & Feynman, gave birth to the early twentieth century’s twin fundamental theories of modern physics, relativity theory & quantum mechanics, each rigorously verified & yet profoundly paradoxical. Scientists & philosophers struggle with their meaning, struggle to understand light. Einstein declared, toward the end of his life: “Fifty years of conscious brooding have brought me no closer to the answer to the question, ‘What are light quanta?’ Of course today every rascal thinks he knows the answer, but he is deluding himself.”….Christian Wertenbaker

our sky of the heart, lit up like fireworks, from twinkling to bursting, attests to the purity of inner man….& the astounding paradoxes within man as parallels the phenomenal world…spiritual virtue?….

by the light of the moon….all angels are heard….

12 thoughts on “the inextricable entwinement of light through man & sky….

  1. Found next to Einstein bed when he died was a tattered copy of HP Blavatsky’s The Secret Doctrine … As Frances Parliament say, until there is a mystical marriage of science and religion the question of light, of the will of God will remain unanswered…

      • Yes, the questions are more meaningful than the answers, sometimes!
        I get exhausted, sometimes, from the endless search. [in fact, I think I’ll go lay down, I have an ear-ache today and it’s making me dizzy]. So glad to have found this lovely little community here!

      • Good for you to be able listen when your body asks you a question! That can be quite challenging…thanks so much for sharing….wonderful to have you here….welcome!…best to you on your new blog adventures!

  2. I’ll use Friedrich Nietzsche’s words “Love is not consolation, It is light.” to say that we need no eyes to see light; we only need a pure heart & in Kurt Cobian words; “The sun’s gone, but I have a light.”……may light never leave your core

    • Well written Mira (as usual)….it’s palpable isn’t it? those who carry a light & those who struggle to see…thank you….may you too carry your light brightly…

  3. “our sky of the heart” — that’s the way I see it too. And I agree, we aren’t meant to know all the answers. Keep walking in the light xoxo

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