lean into the wind…listen to the vastness…

we are all nomads in prayer


A small flower growing out of a stone quivers high above the worn paths. Its fragrance drifts down shore where a young woman is contemplating suicide, & something in the hint of flower lifts her depressed head for a moment, but the fragrance dissipates, & she sinks again, staring at the waves, wondering why. The scent is picked up by a gull, matted in its feathers. It makes the gull fly wildly through the only cloud, through the white center of nothing. An old man in a fishing boat is stunned by the swift charge of the gull into open sky. He relaxes his net, & underneath the shadow of the boat, the tangled angelfish squirm free….Mark Nepo

feel the unseeable connections…

our shared suffering allows us to feel compassion….made even more gentle & poignant when the fragile bits sprout from the rock….when the hardened heart softens….when we are humbled by our small world….

In the web of life, you see the tentativeness of physical incarnation in this world. You come to realize the essential, ephemeral, & ungraspable experience. This letting go opens you to a profound & deep trust in the way things are. The river of life & its impermanence makes us see vastness. No moment can ever be repeated, & every moment is always new & then quickly replaced. We find our composure when we realize the ‘everlasting truth of everything changes.’  Life is precious & beautiful & unfathomable……Jack Kornfield

14 thoughts on “lean into the wind…listen to the vastness…

  1. “our shared suffering allows us to feel compassion….”

    …if only we gave more compassion as our “gift-giving” in the day-to-day.

    Really great post with some great comments!

    • Yes, & I find the interesting thing to be how we love this ideal of giving freely & lovingly, yet in our day to day interactions, we lose it….we become small when we lose the capacity to reflect on our actions…..thanks for the discussion….

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