shedding….spiritual aging…


The world is more magical, less predictable, more autonomous, less controllable, more varied, less  simple, more infinite, less knowable, more wonderfully troubling than we could have imagined being able to tolerate when we were young…..James Hollis

being in our own skin means being…& this being day after day calls up a profound intimacy with our essential self…the one we actually befriend through time….slowly shedding….

spiritual discernment means feeling every nuance of grief & ego-pain that comes with the shedding….no bypassing…to the beautiful beyond….an aged & weathered wisdom…

youth & the beauty beyond…

The spiritual life is about becoming more at home in your own skin…Parker Palmer

6 thoughts on “shedding….spiritual aging…

  1. I couldn’t agree more… It seems the older I get the more comfortable I am with who and what I am. The longing to grow don’t diminish, but there is a greater understanding of my nature and abilities. Youth is impatient, and often not willing to pay the price….

    • Yes…befriending ourselves….flaws & all….I have found a sense of humor with myself that I didn’t have years ago….letting go a little easier with things I ‘can’t’ change about myself….thanks g.f.s…..

  2. This is a beautiful point. I do feel a willingness to shed, more freedom from “myself” and relaxing of that ego which seemed “tighter” in younger years. I love aging. I like my more “bareface” mind and continued Love in Being and Expression, this deepens and becomes more broad. Love to you, Linda

    • I love that description….’tighter’….yes….I love aging too…a new confidence….Thanks for sharing Linda…Blessings in Being….

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