coming up for air after drowning

unfettered descent & reemergence

The founders of all religions have gone on quests. The Buddha went into solitude & then sat beneath the bodhi tree, where he recieved an illumination that has enlightened all of Asia for 2500 years. After baptism by John the Baptist, Jesus went into the desert for 40 days; & it was out of that desert that he came with his message. Moses went to the top of a mountain & came down with the tables of the law. Almost all the old Greek cities were founded by heroes who went off on quests & had surprising adventures, out of which each of them founded a city. You might also say the founder of a life- your life or mine, if we live our own lives, instead of imitating everybody else’s life- comes from a quest as well……Joseph Campbell

unflinching in our confusing & sputtering lives, we can use this ‘holding on’ to be deeply touched by life….this is what I call radical okness….

we can redefine mercy….

we will recall our finer moments as ones that rocked us out of wasting our life…riveted our capacity to feel deeply… care about each other….to care about drowning on dry land….

When we disintegrate, going down into life & into our potential for vitality, we may have to give up the fantasy of ourselves as sentimentally whole. We may have to risk experience instead of keeping it at bay; for it is the impact of life & soul that makes us into persons of depth & character. I suspect that the common glorification of wholeness & unity is a defense against the alchemical dismembering of our emotions & thoughts into a mature, tempered soul. We are always becoming whole, & that means that we are never whole but always disintegrating as we go……Thomas Moore

10 thoughts on “coming up for air after drowning

  1. This was just the post I needed today. Thanks so much. You must do a lot of work to find all the quotes in your blog. I appreciate you taking the time to dig them out.

    • So pleased this resonates with you….a journey shared….it’s a labor of love! I am surrounded by books…..Thanks for sharing Carol….

  2. I agree with Campbell that we are each on a quest to live our own life instead of imitating someone else’s. Moore’s idea that we are always becoming whole seems to hinge on our willingness to be on this quest. A thought-provoking post … thanks!

    • Insightful….yes, our willingness to step into uncomfortable processes requires faith….a worthy yet often challenging space…..thanks Mark…

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  4. How true the great masters went on quests and were enlightened. In our times we too can journey into our ‘Inner selves’ and discover our own truths.
    I find your blog very inspiring.
    Best regards.

    • It’s comforting to know there are more than we realize working on the heart level. Wonderful to support each other. Thanks so much & I love the mission of your blog…

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