the gifts we find in each other & the lonesome depths….


To me it seems that at those moments, which are characterized by the sudden lifting of the burden of anxiety & fear which presses upon our daily lives so steadily that we are unaware of it, what happens is something negative: that is to say, not ‘inspiration’ as we commonly think of it, but the breaking down of strong habitual barriers—which tend to reform very quickly. Some obstruction is momentarily whisked away. The accompanying feeling is less like what we know as positive pleasure, than like a sudden relief from an intolerable burden.
T.S. Eliot

we don’t live in a society that fosters self-awareness….we have to forge our own way….much of the time with a deep lack of community….we aren’t given the tools to transform our experience from surface reactions to more profound spiritual deepening….we find them together…..another reason to foster great compassion…

ode to the lonesome moments….

‘What wisdom can you find that is greater than Kindness?’ …Jean-Jacques Rousseau, Emile

keep looking for the angels…..keep tending the angels…keep nurturing your wings….

In the end, it is not enough to think what we know. We must live it. For only by living it can Love show itself as the greatest principle……Wu Feng

6 thoughts on “the gifts we find in each other & the lonesome depths….

  1. Even ‘the church goers’ who might deceive themselves into thinking they are self aware, are just not taught that skill. I always had difficulty with vicarious atonement.
    It is good that you teach, you are very good at bringing out the truth …

  2. Living out our love and tending our wings–words for me to take deep into every meditation period. Thank you and bless you. And bless you for deciding to follow my own blog. Judging by your posts here, I just know you will be able to provide very helpful and insightful feedback there.

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