the luminous human experience….humble cycles of light & dark….

on the threshold of light….looking for magic on the other side….

The blind rolls up. Light enters

& shows us where we are.

Windows allow for no fooling.

What would it mean to realize

that every one of us is a window

where life shines through?

Could we stand to know how

every moment reveals this?

Anyone paying attention could see if we were open

or shut, spattered or clear?

A blind could not hide us-

we would only be revealed as covered.

No one would be fooled.

Could we trust that it is safe to be

without subterfuge?

Then we would be clear enough

for light to come through us naturally.

…..Gunilla Norris

are we ever safe enough to practice transparency? can we find our shadow selves? can we notice how the light falls through our window? what becomes more clear?

the architecture of the universe…so big…so small….

At our birth we emerge from the root mystery of the cosmos, a deep & silent mystery into which we will one day be reabsorbed. Our own lives are a spiral pattern of creative unfolding into light. Fashioned out of the creative power of starlight & the fecund body of the Earth, we are the children of Earth & starry heaven caught up in the timeless rhythm of the celestial dance……David Fideler

7 thoughts on “the luminous human experience….humble cycles of light & dark….

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  2. This is a wondrous gift of a post to me today, makebelieve! Thank you, thank you! I just love David Fideler’s words teaching us about why and how we are Earth-children, “caught up in the timeless rhythm of the celestial dance.”

    • Isn’t that just beautiful? It calls us to unfurl from our shells…Live! Remember our roots…thanks Granbee….hope you’re dancing today:)

  3. This post was a perfect, unexpected and unintended birthday gift to myself! Thanks for being the instrument in allowing me to read what I needed to read today.

    • Happy Birthday! So glad I had an uplifting post for your special day…May your year be filled with light & rhythm…Big starry night skies to you…

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